Battle on the Bayou Contest!

This is OUR Bayou Classic


Which University will own this year’s Bayou Classic? It’s about more than the football game! Does your university have the better band? What about the most loyal fans?  Cast your vote for Grambling State University or Southern University in our Battle on the Bayou contest! One lucky fan will have the chance during Bayou Classic weekend to get in front of the crowd and let the world know just who owns the 39th Annual Bayou Classic!


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10 Responses to Battle on the Bayou Contest!

  1. Jasslyn Ray says:

    Grambling football team has a good chance at winning. Either way, I’ll be rooting them on! Go Tigers! As for the bands, Grambling is known as “The World Fame” for a reason!

  2. Kenyetta says:

    Really….. We all know that Southern University has the baddest band in the land.

  3. Melonie says:

    Best band hands down

  4. Vaughan says:

    Ever since SU Football Team got a new coach, they have been consecutively winning games so the football game should be interesting since it can go either way. As far as the bands, get real we all know that the world renown SU is the best from their sound to their selections to their arrangements. GO JAGS!!!

  5. Tre' says:

    The SU Jags will win the Battle on the Bayou!!!

  6. Cal Williams says:

    Be real. The only time Southern has won the game or ban battle is when we Tigers were feeling generous and let them have a day. That’s been the case since I attended Grambling in 1959. “Old School and Proud”

  7. Litteral Lane says:

    This is the year of the Jaguar.NOT SEASON.YEAR.Southern will win the game and will win the Battle of the Bands (As Usual).Dray Joesph has been playing well as the quarterback I know he is.Our Defense has stepped up in games we never had chances in.Sylvester is running the ball great in the season.That Band has been cranking and Drowning the SWAC with tunes that will challenge your toughness. SU Jaguars and the world renowned,the internationally FAMED, SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND FROM JAGUARLAND. Aka “Human JukeBox.”

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